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In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

STYLE NO.SOD14017 (Ready-To-ship)

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    1. Bust: 82-86 CM
    2. Waist: 65-69 CM
    3. Hips: 86-90 CM
    4. Length: 150 CM
    1. Bust: 86-90 CM
    2. Waist: 69-73 CM
    3. Hips: 90-94 CM
    4. Length: 151 CM
    1. Bust: 90-94 CM
    2. Waist: 73-77 CM
    3. Hips: 94-98 CM
    4. Length: 152 CM
    1. Bust: 94-98 CM
    2. Waist: 77-81 CM
    3. Hips: 98-102 CM
    4. Length: 153 CM
    1. Bust: 98-102 CM
    2. Waist: 81-85 CM
    3. Hips: 102-106 CM
    4. Length: 154 CM
  • 1. Bust = CM.
  • 2. Waist = CM.
  • 3. Hips = CM.
  • 4. Length = CM.

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In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress Fabric: Tulle Details: This dress is made of tulle and sequins. It is featuring deep v-neck neckline and raised waistline in a-line silhouette. The deep v-neck neckline fully shows off your perfect figure. It is in ankle-length hemline. This fabulous dress, perfect for you at many occasions. Come here and put it on. The color of this in stock dress is as the picture shows.


Neckline: v-neck

Silhouette: A-line

Hemline: ankle-length

Skirt Type: pleat

Color Family: purple


In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

In Stock Fabulous Tulle V-Neck Neckline A-Line Evening Dress

How To Measure

Size Guide

Measurements Size Bust Waist Hips Length
US 4 / UK 8 / EU 34 32.5-34 25.75-27.25 34-35.5 59.25
US 6 / UK 10 / EU 36 34-35.5 27.25-28.75 35.5-37.25 59.5
US 8 / UK 12 / EU 38 35.5-37.25 28.75-30.5 37.25-38.75 60
US 10 / UK 14 / EU 40 37.25-38.75 30.5-32 38.75-40.25 60.25
US 12 / UK 16 / EU 42 38.75-40.25 32-33.5 40.25-41.75 60.75

Purchase Info

1. Please note that it will normally take 15-18 business days to tailor your prom dress, it might be more or less, depends on individual dress style and order quantity. And then 3-4 business days for international shipment.

2. If you need the dress before a particular date, please kindly specify it in the 'Order Special Instruction' area when checking out.

3. If there is a rush order, we strongly suggest you to contact us before place order, to avoid in-executable order.

* The prom dresses which titled with "In Stock" or labelled as "READY TO SHIP" are already made and could be sent out in 3-5 days after order payment cleared.

Return & Exchange

We accept the return & exchange merchandise in accordance with our policy within five (5) days of receipt.
Please follow the following four steps to return and get an exchange:
  • 1. Get a Return Authorization number
  • 2. Inspect merchandise
  • 3. Ship merchandise to Dressilyme Warehouse
  • 4. Dressilyme will inspect your package and arrange the appropriate credit to you in accordance with our policy.

For detailed information, please refer to Return & Exchange Policy

Styles Guide

Style Guide for The Apple Shaped Figure

If you're a full figured woman, we have some tips and style selections to bring out your best features.

Suggested Necklines: Deep V-neck, Strapless and Sweetheart will accentuate your bust and curves.
Suggested Skirts: Empire, A-line, and Ball Gown will give you a slimmer looking waistline.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For The Aplle Shaped Figure

Style Guide For The Hourglass Figure

You have a well-defined waist, and your shapely top and bottom are about equal in size. The goal here is to accentuate your waist, while trying not to add size to your hips and shoulders.

Suggested Necklines: Scoop, V-neck, One-Shoulder, Strapless or Halter.
Suggested Skirts: Sheath, A-Line, Ball Gown, Dropped Waistline, Mermaid, or Fit & Flare.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For The Hourglass Figure

Style Guide for Inverted Triangle Figure

V-Shaped women will want to avoid a high neckline, turtleneck, big collar and stiff or bulky fabrics.

Suggested Necklines: One shoulder or Strapless.
Suggested Skirts: A-line, Mermaid, Fit & Flare, Ball Gown, or Sheath.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For Inverted Triangle

Style Guide For The Pear Shaped Figure

The lower half of your figure appears fuller, so it's important to create more balance. Add some style upstairs; choose wide necklines, puffy sleeves and tops that hug the shoulders. Tops with wide-set straps will also help to visually widen your shoulders and chest area.

Suggested Necklines: V-neck, Big Shoulder, or Halter.
Suggested Skirts: A-line, Ball Gown, or Empire.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For The Pear Shaped Figure

Style Guide For The Rectangle Shaped Figure

Your body is well balanced but could use a little something to bring out the curves. Creating the appearance of a curvier waist and bottom will enhance your femininity nicely.

Suggested Necklines: Scoop, V-neck, Strapless or One Shoulder.
Suggested Skirts: A-line, Sheath, Mermaid, or Ball Gown.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For The Rectangle Shaped Figure

Style Guide For The Small Busted Figure

Create the illusion of a fuller bust line with a rouched or embellished bodice, or play up your youthful figure with some eye-catching style.

Suggested Necklines: Halter, One shoulder, or Sweetheart.
Suggested Skirts: A-line, or Ball Gown.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For The Small Busted Figure

Style Guide For The Large Busted Figure

If you're a busty woman, finding a bust shape that works well with your dress is important. While much of this is down to wearing the right bra, certain necklines will accentuate your feminine qualities better than others.

Suggested Necklines: V-neck, Princess Off The Shoulder, or Square.
Suggested Skirts: Ball Gown or A-line.

Wedding Dresses Recommended For The Large Busted Figure

Dresses Care

Dress Care

Your dress is such an important part of any special event that you could even call it an investment or valuable keepsake. Whether you want to preserve your dress for the memories or wear it again and again, following these maintenance and cleaning tips well help keep it as beautiful as the day it arrived.

Why Dry Clean?

Dry cleaning helps colors stay bright and preserves the beauty and sheen of our satin and satin-like fabrics.

Many of our dresses have delicate trim, beading, embroidery or other embellishments that could be damaged by machine or hand washing.

Dry cleaning minimizes the need to use dryers, irons and steamers to dry or remove wrinkles. Heat can be damaging to the fabric of our dresses.


Accidents happen, but spills need not ruin your beautiful dress or your night. If treated promptly, many stains can be removed and your dress will be as good as new.
Dry cleaning stains:
-All of our dresses are dry clean only.

-Take stains to a professional dry cleaner as soon as possible for best results.

-Tell the cleaner what caused the stain so they can treat it properly.
Treating stains at an event:
If a stain happens in the middle of your event, you may not be able to take it to a dry cleaner right away. Here's all you need to know to minimize damage and get on with your night.
-Dab gently to remove any excess stain. If there is residue, scrape it off with a dull knife.

-Never rub as that may spread or push the stain deeper into the fabric.

-Use a clean white cloth to dab. Avoid tissue or paper towels that could leave a residue.

- Don't use soaps or pre-treating chemicals on the dress if you will take it to a dry cleaner later, as the chemicals could react and damage the fabric.

-Oil-based stains should be sprinkled with an absorber such as baby powder or cornstarch. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes, then brush off completely and dab with a cloth. Dry clean as soon as possible. Common oil based stains: makeup, grease or butter, deodorant, gasoline or body lotions

-For non-oil-based stains, place a white cloth underneath the stain and dab at the stain with another white cloth dipped in cool water. Common non oil-based stains: juices, coffee/tea, bodily fluids, red wine, mud, ink, baby food/formula

-Soak persistent stains in cool water until they come out (up to 24 hours). Remaining stains should be taken to a dry cleaner.

-Don't iron, steam or heat dry stained fabrics s heat will set the stain.

Treating stains at home:

If you do decide to treat a stain yourself, be extremely careful and gentle. Remember that any stain removers or detergents you use could react with dry cleaning chemicals and damage the fabric should you later decide to have it dry cleaned. While oxygen-based cleaners and gentle detergents can remove some non-oil-based stains from polyesters, oil-based stains are best handled by professional dry cleaners.

-Never use bleach or stain removers with bleach on our dresses.

-Follow all instructions on the stain remover's packaging.

-Spot test the stain remover on an unnoticeable area first.

-Mixing stain removers could damage fabric.

-Gently dab all excess stain off with a clean white cloth, being careful not to rub it in further.

-Place another cloth underneath the stain to catch residue.

-Work the stain remover from the edges in so the stain is removed to the wiping cloth and the cloth underneath. Avoid wiping outward and spreading the stain.

-Completely rinse all detergent or stain remover from the fabric afterwards.

-Once rinsed, roll wet fabric in a towel and then lay flat to dry. Don't twist or wring.


Our fabrics don't wrinkle easily, but if they do, hanging the fabric so that wrinkles fall out is often all that's needed. A careful ironing or steaming with low heat can safely smooth out any persistent wrinkles.

-If the dress still has wrinkles after several hours on a hanger, try hanging it in the bathroom during a hot shower for a gentle steaming. Make sure the dress itself doesn't get wet.

- More stubborn wrinkles can be removed with a warm iron. Avoid the hotter settings as they may damage the fibers.

-If using steam, use distilled water and clean any rust or particles from inside the steamer first.

-You may want to test the iron or steamer on an unnoticeable spot first, or place a clean cloth between the iron and the dress.


Our fabrics are chosen not only for their look and feel, but also their durability. With a little care, your dress will stay beautiful through many years and many special occasions.

-It's a good idea to dry clean dresses after each wear. Body oils, deodorant residue or unnoticed stains left on the dress could set in and discolor the fabric over time.

-If the dress isn't too heavy, it can hang in a garment bag for several months with no problem.

-If hanging a heavier dress, consider draping the skirt over a second hanger to take weight of the shoulder straps.

-Dresses heavy with beading or embroidery could start to pull apart if left hanging for many years. Store these flat, ideally in a box with acid-free tissue paper or a white sheet.

-Lay flat or roll the dress up instead of folding to prevent creases.

-Store or hang in a cool, dry place to prevent yellowing or mildewing over time.

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Last Modified May 12, 2016 By JR

Thank you dressilyme for the amazing dress, I'm very satisfied with the result. And definitely I'd buy again and again. And thank you for your Coordination and Follow-up.

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Last Modified Dec 24, 2015 By Alis N.

I have so many great things to say about this item!!! I'm not sure where to start, let's just start with the basics. This dress was under $40 that is self is just a WoW moment! I purchased this dress 22 days before my brother's wedding made it here in 18 days, great quality it fit fairly true to size!! I could go on and on!! Ladies if you're looking for a non expensive modern formal dress for event this is a great choice!

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Last Modified Sep 14, 2015 By Tobias Nordbjerg

Definitely one of the best so far. just the top needs some adjustment because it's too exposed than I thought. I will get more order in the future. Good delivery time for an overseas supplier. Thank you.

0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

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Last Modified Sep 08, 2015 By Scorpio girl

I am really excited about this dress, however, I still took a week to decide whether to order it or not, really difficult to make up my mind to order online which I didn't know. but I am so glad I did - could not be happier to get the dress. it's just beautiful as in picture. comfortable fabric and nice color.  Looking forward to doing more business with you.

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